A major goal in materials engineering is the development of functionalized materials for use in diverse applications, including tissue engineering, biosensing, drug delivery, and photonics.  To realize the potential of this exciting field Bondwell Technologies is developing novel materials with a broad range of structural, mechanical and functional properties optimized for each application. 




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Furthermore, embedding active biomolecules - often proteins - that are capable of functioning with unparalleled affinity and specificity has the potential to create bioactive materials to enable a broad range of applications.

Materials embedded with EGFP and

mCherry fluorescent proteins.


Different applications will require a base material with different mechanical properties and degradation rates. Bondwell Technologies has an array of materials capable of meeting a wide range of needs. These exciting materials have the potential to impact multiple fields, however, market analysis through the NSF I-Corps program has led us to develop a product for the bioprocessing market as our first application.

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